Controlled Labs White Flood Supplement

Controlled Labs White Flood

White Flood™ is a cutting edge preworkout formula that will rev you up for lifting and cardio like none other. Not only will you experience out of this world pumps, but tons of extra energy and true muscle building potential. That muscle building potential comes from the addition of compounds usually not seen in preworkout formulas of the past. We have also included potent anti-oxidants to scavenge any free radicals normally elicited by Nitric Oxide inducing ingredients. It's time to FLOOD YOUR SYSTEM.... with the most advanced preworkout Nitric Oxide and Energy Enhancer available; White Flood™!

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"I'm taking double classes Monday-Thursday at school to get out an extra session earlier, so I go to class from 1-11:30P.M. So, White FLOOD's release was perfect timing for me. I purchased it to give me a swift kick in the ass in the mornings to hit the gym, and get shit done.

Taste: 7/10
I've seen lots of people complain about the taste of this. While I agree it is not the best tasting product out there, the ingredient profile makes it hard to mask the flavors. It is definitely bearable, and has a lemonade like taste. I don't use a lot of water because I don't like to feel bloated before working out, so I used around 8 ounces. I have only used 1.5 scoops so far.

Mixability: 9/10
Near perfect. No clumps. Few granules at the bottom.

Efficacy: 9/10
Had a friend give me some NO-XPLODE that he didn't want because it made him feel too jittery. Well, NO-XPLODE did nothing for me. White FLOOD on the other hand gave me a clean smooth energy, with little to no crash. Pumps were pretty good, and focus was excellent also.

So far, after 3 workouts on it, I'm impressed and pleased with my purchase. Great product Controlled Labs. Only things I would have liked to see in the ingredients are maybe 2-3 grams of creatine, and also citrulline malate (I'm a big fan of citrulline malate)."

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"When I first tried White flood, I could already feel a slight tingle develop throughout my body when I took a couple of sips. I felt a rush of blood and I was pumped up. I have never felt this kind of pump, energy and vascularity like this before.

I took White Flood with 32oz of water and drank it pre-workout. I felt like I could lift anything (HA, I wish). While working out, I felt more focused on my lifts and I think this is partly because of White Flood. I had a great workout with White Flood and I believe it will give you a pump like you've never seen.

The downfalls of this supplement, was the fact that I wasn't able to sleep properly. I slept later then usual and it took quite a while for me to get sleepy. Also, mixing this supplement gave problems because there were still little specs of clumps on the bottom of my bottle. Also, the taste wasn't that great but it's still tolerable. Other then that, I see no reason why you should not try this supplement. Give White Flood a try!

I also mix in Green Mag with my White Flood (but sometimes I just drink the green mag Pre-workout and sometimes drink Purple Wraath during my workouts). Combining Controlled Labs supplements will give you best results."

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"This is hands down the best pre-workout product for focus, energy, intensity, aggression, and stamina. The pumps were not as intense as other similar products I have used, though. I noticed a dramatic increase in vascularity. I have used 2 tubs of White Flood. The first was the original version and the second was the improved flavor version. I have to say that Controlled Labs has done an amazing job with the new flavor. It is very refreshing, and I actually looked forward to drinking it. I would use this product all the time if it were not for the gastric side effects. I have not heard of too many people experiencing this, but for me, my stomach had a really hard time tolerating one or more of the ingredients. However, this product is so effective, that I put up with these effects to get the benefits of White Flood. When I used Flood, I felt like it was just me and the weights, and they just called my mama a name. It was time to punish them."

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